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Whole Foods Market has opened in Orlando, Florida, making it the third location in Orlando just weeks after opening its first store in Tampa Bay. Located at the intersection of Florida Avenue and Cross Road in the heart of the city, the 40,000 square foot store joins its sister stores in Fort Myers and Orlando. Even the store's facade mimics the Central Florida landscape, and features unique recycled materials inspired by the Sunshine State's orange groves.

The menu is vegetable-based and products will change constantly, with fresh fruit and vegetables from local farms as well as fresh meats, cheeses and dairy products from Whole Foods franchise partner Longan Farms, to name a few. Smoothies and coffee can be made with cow's milk on request, but chefs can be creative with fresh ingredients from their farm - right down to the table.

We will give you more instructions in the future, so you just have to get excited and be ready to dream the next time you dream of a day. Call Domino's and have the food delivered right to your door if you want to hang out in Tampa Springs for a quick lunch or dinner at one of the many local restaurants.

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Twin Peaks Restaurant is not obliged to provide alternative prices or in any way extend the period of the contest. The winners will be informed of their prize after their selection and the request for the prize. If they do not respond within the required period or are disqualified for any reason, the privilege of this winner will be terminated immediately and the prize may be forfeited. All prizes not claimed within 30 days remain the property of Twin Peaks Restaurants and will be forfeited by the winner. The alternative winners can be selected on the basis of the above evaluation criteria.

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In keeping with its commitment to the community, the new Altamonte Springs site will work with the Florida Food Bank, an organization that manages food donations and provides an alternative to throwing away excess food. Beneficiaries include the Manatee Club, which saves the lives of more than 2,000 children and adults each year, and the local community.

How to claim your price: When you start up, a friendly team member will bring you your order and put it in your car. Winners will be notified on site and their prize will either be sent directly to them or collected at the Altamonte Springs grocery store on the day of the event.

Choose the toppings that grab your attention, throw them all in your hand, pour them into the sauce of your choice, prepare the oven and choose your order.

You can start earning points for free pizza when you place your first order of the day ($1, $2 or $3) or your second or third order.

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